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3 Warning Signs That Your Social Media Techniques Aren’t Working

In marketing, you can be too social. Or not social enough. Or social where it doesn’t count — the digital equivalent of showing up at the wrong party. How to know if this applies to you? Here, three signs that you need to fix your strategy and where you need to double down. 1. You […]

4 Social Media Marketing Mistakes Businesses Must Avoid

Remember your business objectives Before embarking on a social media marketing campaign, review your business plan. What are your objectives? Are they to grow a business, which prides itself on being a thought leader within its chosen industry? Perhaps you want to be the company to which people head when looking for an eco-friendly boiler. […]

3 Tips for Making Impactful Social Media Messages

Here are three techniques to employ in order to make your social media campaigns more effective and achieve your desired results. 1. Stay engaged Social media marketing is about more than just posting content that you find interesting or relevant. At its core, the goal of social media is to connect people. Thus, to use […]

Social Media Action Plan – What to Do If Your Social Media Isn’t Driving Sales

Despite much of the hype around social media “Buy” buttons and shoppable links, social channels such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest continue to drive only a small portion of online retail sales. When it comes to driving sales, marketers have yet to unlock the formula to produce real results from social. The following are […]

Understanding the Fundamental Laws of Social Media Marketing

The law of listening You have to go through the online content of your target audience and join discussions in order to learn about their interests. This will enable you to spark conversations and create content for adding value instead of adding clutter to their lives. The law of quality Quality is always going to […]

Unconventional Social Media Marketing Tips for Brand Success

Here are a few slightly unconventional social media marketing tips that could work for you. 1) Thank your followers You can personalise your interactions by looking at their profile and complimenting/commenting on something they shared; or alternatively asking them for their own thoughts on the content that they engaged with. 2) Get to know your […]

How to Effectively Personalize Your Brand on Social Media

Here are five ways that marketers can use social media to personalize their marketing. 1. Use big data to learn about all aspects of your audience’s lives Your audience shares intimate details about their lives on social media, and big data has become the best way to tap into these social insights. The more data […]