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Identifying the Best Social Media Networks for Your Business

For some businesses, they don’t have to be present on every social media platform. It’s a number one mistake for business owners to force themselves to be present on all platforms. Just because you can be on one or two platforms, it doesn’t mean that you can just pick a platform and stick to it. […]

3 Business Strategies to Get Noticed on Social Media

Social media is regularly discussed as one of the best marketing strategies to use to get ahead in business and build a top brand. However, there are plenty of people out there who have been trying sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest for months or years at a time with no real results, just […]

Tips on How to Craft a Successful Twitter Content Strategy

Companies should update their content awareness messaging on social media to make it more like a newsfeed, rather than a promotional feed. If you’re using Twitter to market your brand, how can you make your content marketing more of a newsworthy? Make your headlines short When making a headline on Twitter, make sure that it’s […]

Social Media and Small Business – Reasons to Use Social Media to Market Your Brand

Marketing is one of those areas that make or break many small businesses in particular. Competing with some of the larger brand name companies in the same industry who can offer lower costs, whether marginally or substantially, is no easy task. One thing that has leveled the playing field with those larger corporations is the […]

3 Social Media Business Benefits Beyond Sales

Social media has provided a convenient low-cost marketing platform for many small businesses in recent years, and has quickly become one of the top forms of internet marketing. Unfortunately, for many businesses, social feels like more of a burden than a boon. It’s How Your Business Meets People Businesses today operate in a digital age, […]

4 Ways to Boost Your Social Media Branding Strategy

If you’re struggling to build a powerful brand on social media, there are strategies that you can implement in your campaign that may help you achieve your goal. 1. By telling a story Stories, as we all know, are an old form of mass communication. Some psychologists think that humans are hardwired to respond to […]

Measuring Social Media ROI – How to Prove Its Validity

Proving that your social media marketing efforts are worth your company’s budget and time can be a challenge. Social media after all, despite its ubiquity, is a relatively new phenomenon that can be hard to make projections from. So you might ask: How can you, as a B2B marketer, prove that social media will work […]