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Social Marketing Buzz 09-13-2012 - feed140.com

Social Marketing Buzz 09-13-2012

80 percent of mothers who use the web regularly access various social media websites

News on Social Marketing, according to Brafton : compared to the general population of American web users, mothers are among the most active demographics on social media, BabyCenter reported. The study shows the importance of social content to this target audience to research purchases, check current events and keep in touch with friends.

The study shows that different social media websites are accessed by 80% of mothers who uses the web regularly. This shows that reaching moms through social marketing has very strong possibility, as Twitter, Facebook and other social platforms are logged in by just more than half of all web users.

Also, 60% of female web users with children say they Like brands on Facebook, which represents just 53% of the web population at-large. Fifty two percent of respondents say that they have more than 200 friends on the network which is only a 32% of the web population.

When a video content is about products and services that they are researching, 50% of moms will most likely watch this web video than the average web user.

Businesses looking to drive web traffic and sales with social media marketing needs to have their social content tailored fit to targeted audiences. Mothers represent a separation from other audiences likely to engage with purchasing power.

Mike Fogarty, senior vice president and global publisher at BabyCenter, said in a release, “This research confirmed what we’ve been seeing over the last couple of years – that mom is at the forefront of technology adoption, readily transforming behaviors to better support her journey of motherhood.”

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Study Shows 81% of Moms Develop Parenting Skills From Blogs

News on Social Marketing, according to Marketwire : results of the third annual BlogHer eMoms study has been announced by the premium cross-platform media network and publisher for women, BogHer, Inc. The study gives insight on moms, kids, and technology’s impact on managing family life.

BlogHer reported that 81% of moms build confidence about their parenting skills through information and parenting advice from blogs more than any other form of social media, including Facebook with 60% and 41% from Twitter.

The study also shows that moms make decisions for their families through the information gathered from blogs. Based on advice they receive from a parenting blog, 56% of moms have purchased a food product, 54% watched a TV show or read a book at 63%.

Elisa Camahort Page, Co-founder and COO of BlogHer, Inc. said that “Social media is having a profound effect on family life by providing authentic, trusted information, and blogs lead the way. Whether seeking teething advice, researching anything from strollers to eco-friendly toys, or deciding what to cook for dinner, blogs give moms confidence in their choices.”

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Infographics Relevant Content: An Important Strategy for Search Success

News on Social Marketing, according to Brafton : experts at SMX Advanced reminds marketers that to drive inbound links, they must focus on the value of high-quality content and useful information diagrams since infographics can sometimes seem “scheme –y.”

An infographic created by Justin Briggs of Distilled, which was featured on Mashable, led to more inbound links and hundreds of Likes on Facebook because he focuses on using relevant industry information.

To ensure that their infogrphics will attain desirable link results, moderator Elisabeth Osmeloski of Search Engine Land reminded attendees to offer value through exceptional content. An example is the recent success of SEL’s Periodic Table of SEO Ranking Factors. This was created from an editorial perspective and has driven its success because of the insight offered in the diagram with more than 83,000 results of inbound links.

Briggs said that by adding blog posts, and offering to write original, brief guest posts with added insight for willing publishers to the diagrams, marketers could possibly generate inbound links and could increase the value of infographics. To find users who may be interested in his infographics and other content, Briggs uses the tool FollowerWonk to share information with them.

The main point emphasized at the SMX Advanced is the importance of valuable content, in any form, to SEO as this is an important strategy for search success.

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