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Social Marketing Buzz for 03-22-2012 - feed140.com

Social Marketing Buzz for 03-22-2012


Facebook: Key to the Growing Worldwide Social Network

Debra Aho Williamson, eMarketer principal analyst said “The strength of social networking as a worldwide online activity cannot be understated.” She also predicts that social network users would reach 1.43 billion in year 2012, a 19.2% increase compared to 2011. This is a large percentage of the world’s entire population. In 2012, 63.2% of internet users will visit a social network at least once a month, increasing to 67.6% in 2013 and 70.7% in 2014.

Facebook plays a very essential role in the fast growing social networking worldwide. With its expansions in the market such as Brazil, India and Indonesia, it increases the number of new users and poached Google’s orkut. Facebook will be used by 837.3 million people worldwide in 2012 which is a 27.4% increase from 2011.

US, India and Brazil are the three of the five top social networking markets in 2012 and are also among Facebook’s largest markets. Facebook still hasn’t conquered the world since China and Russia are not in the list. US leads in Facebook users with 141.2 million in 2012, but among key countries, it is growing the slowest. India is the second largest Facebook population with 68.1 million this year, followed by Indonesia with 49.1 million and Brazil with 45.4 million and Mexico as the fifth largest with 25.6 million users.

An Opportunity for Small Businesses to Go Big

It is known to many people that social media marketing have a great influence on your business. Some small businesses don’t have a website, much less social media efforts. No wonder there’s a big disproportion between success cases in small versus medium and large businesses. When talking about social media marketing, small businesses’ major problem is Time. They don’t have time to think about marketing. Normally, owners of small businesses would assume all the works, working as a multi-function employee. With all the work owners have done for the day, how can they find time to write blog, post Tweet or connect with customers on Facebook.

Luckily, smart people like Mike Merrill spends much time trying to find ways to help small businesses utilize social media marketing effectively and efficiently. Merrill will be sharing his business insights at Explore Dallas-Fort Worth. He’ll be speaking there, along with an all-star lineup that includes AT&T’s Chris Baccus, Radio Shack’s Adrian Parker, Zena Weist of Edelman Digital, Tom Webster from Edison Research, Nichole Kelly of Full Frontal ROI, Tim Hayden from 44 Doors, DJ Waldow from Waldow Social and more. The event will also feature a number of excellent software providers and companies to help you navigate the waters of digital marketing. They’ll bring their knowledge to share as well as their products. This is a must-attend event, so register now!

Role of Social Media Marketing in Online Business

Social media marketing plays an essential role for branding, lead generation and sales. With its ready-made fuel for social media conversations, Brafton’s content can be integrated for seamless publication on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and other networks. Social marketing teams help maximize your content’s social reach by increasing your fans and followers.

According to Kacie Yano, Marketing Specialist of AcademixDirect, Inc., “Brafton’s social media team has done an amazing job at building our presence both on Facebook and Twitter. Our followers have grown significantly and the articles that are being published are both intriguing and informative.”

Fresh and timely social media content is important to attract users looking for real-time information while repetitive content is one of the top reasons people stop engaging brands on social media.

With the Custom news, blogs and articles, customers are assured of the brand’s unique and up-to-date posts. Brafton’s news content marketing approach provides social followers information on the latest industry developments. Developing social content is the key to providing exposures for business and it’s a top investment for marketers across industries.

Social media marketing is an important part of competitive search engine optimization strategies and key to driving traffic. Search engines role is to incorporate social data on results pages. Inbound links influence search engines to prioritize your pages above those of your online competition, indicating a level of trust and quality in the destination material.

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