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Wednesday Fave Tweets: Lovable Celebrities

Wednesday Fave Tweets: Lovable Celebrities

Who are some of your favorite people to follow on Twitter ?    Everyone adores  lovable celebrities, but not every celebrity is lovable.    One trait I believe that makes it easier to follow in some celebrities is how they choose to stay humble.

Oftentimes, celebrity status can go to one’s head.    While some of these people may choose to revel in their stardom, there are still good-hearted people out there who use their star status as a means to promote a worthy cause.   They use their money as a means to fund charities and their popularity to promote project awareness and better living.   For this week’s Fave Tweets, here are some celebrity tweets that night make you proud to be their fans.

Beloved by people all over the world for his awe-inspiring recovery from drugs, Robert Downey Junior has since been on a roll with his Hollywood career.   From Iron Man to Sherlock Holmes, the actor has gotten back up on his feet and has built a fan base much stronger than before.

In his latest tweets, Robert Downey Jr. calls to fans from Cambridge University as he gives a lecture on his latest movie The Judge.   The movie itself appeals to problems and crises in estranged families as his character in the film returns to his roots.    He gets reunited with his  family in a suspenseful drama between father and son.

One of the wealthiest men in the world, computer geek, Bill Gates, rose to celebrity status as the creator of Windows.   Almost everyone in the world knows who Bill Gates is and how much money he has – but not everyone is aware of his contributions to charities and foundations.    An advocate of ending world hunger and the provision of free education for children of the world, the multi-billion dollar man is on a quest to change the world with his celebrity status and his vast pool of resources.

He leads lectures and seminars on how to best compel big brands and companies to making significant contributions to worldwide causes.   He is leading the global effort for nations to become united in peace.   Bill Gates has become a philanthropist icon for generations to come.

Oprah Winfrey is undoubtedly one of the most famous people in the world.    From her televised gift-giving talk show, she has gathered a loyal fan base of millions all over the world.   She is best-known to be the woman who is not afraid to ask the tough questions and to reward those whom she believes deserves the generosity.    And, she is, in fact, a very compassionate woman.

Though she herself has built several charities and foundations for children, she uses her celebrity status to influence others to do the same.    All over the world, her influence has used, as an ambassador, an envoy, a TV personality, and a household icon your parents watch on weekends.    Oprah Winfrey has significantly contributed to the world with the help of her good graces.

With these three people, you might want to change the way you look at how fame affects everyone all over the world.

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