Follow Friday: Tweets Worth Remembering

Content marketing can be a nightmare……and that is a fact.      Considering the things one has to do just to get results (but still not getting what was the desired result), it does raise questions as to what marketing teams might be doing wrong.     Still, one has to admit that generating quality content for a targeted […]

Tweets For a Wise Mindset

Today’s focus is on tweets for a wise mindset because being in business requires being sensitive to and nimble about the way our market moves.     We need to know just what is going on with our customers, as well as our competition.     Being nimble enables us to address any sudden needs […]

Twitter Wednesday: Three Tweets For The Top Content Marketers Among Us

The top content marketers among us is the subject in this week’s Twitter Wednesday.   It has been said time and time again that content is king.     No matter what pundits say, or what the numbers are telling you, people always value websites that have good content to show.    It may not be in […]

Follow Friday: Tweets From Middle-Earth

December is still a long way to go but for any true Tolkien fan, Middle-Earth is all year round.   Following up their most recent success in the second installment of the film adaptation of the Hobbit, the Desolation of Smaug, fans are in for a treat this coming December, as the last of another […]

Wednesday Fave Tweets: Lovable Celebrities

Who are some of your favorite people to follow on Twitter ?    Everyone adores  lovable celebrities, but not every celebrity is lovable.    One trait I believe that makes it easier to follow in some celebrities is how they choose to stay humble. Oftentimes, celebrity status can go to one’s head.    While some of these people […]

Wednesday #FaveTweets: When Businesses Use Social Media

Social media has always been an asset for businesses.   You only need to notice when businesses use social media and what the big companies are doing to gain traction from their customers.   Just take a look here. Apple has always been one of the top contenders for technological advancement.   However, great technology and achievement in […]

Wednesday Tweets to Follow

What are your favorite tweets to follow for this week ?   From celebrities and world leaders to the unheard-of wise men in the Twittersphere, the feeds are abuzz with new tweets and old ones ‘favorited’ alike.   These tweets to follow go a long way in making someone’s day and send messages more than just the […]