#FaveTweets: Enjoying the Delights that Only Social Media Can Give

Social media is considered as a game-changer in the online marketing industry.      It provides a wide range of opportunities for online marketers.    Given this, it’s undeniably true that it continues to expand, attracting more and more users to its presence.    Numbers tell the story.    That’s why it has become a […]

Social Marketing Buzz: Why Blog ?

Our Feed140 Team often asks these questions.   Why should we blog ?   Why do we need to have a consistent flow of content ?Why blog ?  Blogging is as important as social media and SEO.   These three are interconnected for a successful online marketing.   If you want to be successful in blogging, you […]

#FaveTweets: Ways to Grow Your Social Media Audience

Take control of your online persona. Actively portray the values and virtues that make you fabulously YOU! http://t.co/xxGRlT0LS5 — Rebekah Radice (@RebekahRadice) January 23, 2015 Be you !   One point I can see in Rebekah Radice’s tweet is to “be you.”    Sincerity and genuineness on the digital landscape means a lot to your audience. […]

#FaveTweets: Everything About #YouCanDo

As I was looking through all the faved tweets I’d made this week, it seems that about 70% of them were uplifting words. Let’s get into our #youcando faved tweets of the week. Are you taking time to dream big ?   #inspiration #smallbiz #mompreneurs #homebiz http://t.co/GGaRToFdcD #podcast — Dawn Marrs (@dawnmarrs)   January 13, 2015 Everything […]

The Latest News on Social Media

Our takeaway from the latest news on social media is that it’s one of the most important elements of a successful marketing campaign.     Partnered with quality and compelling content, it can very well maximize its impact with the largest of target audiences.     But, unlike traditional marketing delivery methods, social media can be hard […]

Helpful Tweets: Improving Security on the Internet

The internet is presently in the big boom stage.   It has now been around for over 30+ years in one form or another.    We know that it can take us to far away places.   As individuals, sometimes we’re just not too sure  how far we want to go.     We have […]

FaveTweets Wednesday: Instagram Marketing

We all know how Instagram has seamlessly permeated into social media channels.    This nostalgia-inducing online photo gallery has allowed many to enjoy a venue to express ourselves through the images we capture and share online.     With its ease in sharing, liking, as well as promoting, we can exhibit a lot more about […]