FollowFriday: Three Good Peeps on Twitter !

It’s Follow Friday again everyone !   Welcome good peeps !   Your friends, favorite celebrities or any fan group you belong to are not the only ones worth following on Twitter.   There are actually a lot of personalities and very good peeps that you might want to follow that you don’t know.    Today, you will […]

Social Media: Tweets That Count

Social media marketing is a constantly evolving business.    What you think are excellent social media strategies today may no longer be hot strategies in the future.    The only thing you can be sure of is that you need to evolve along with it.    You must post tweets that count !     With these thoughts in mind, […]

FaveTweets: 3 Important Updates in the Online Marketing Industry

Here are the reasons why I love Twitter…….aside from following our favorite celebrities.    You can see what they are up to and get fresh news and updates that are being published first on this platform. You should know about 3 important updates in the online marketing industry: 1.  Facebook is testing a clearer post […]

FaveTweets: Bits of Advise and Inspiration

What’s the secret to a successful life and business ?   Many have discussed and debated this question over and over again.  It has been the primary subject of many speakers at conventions, seminars, webinars, online chats, Twitter feeds, Facebook posts, blogs, published books…… name it !    Everyone has an opinion on this subject…….while also looking […]

This Week’s FollowFriday: Marketing Leaders and What They Tweet

Marketing leaders not only show leadership within their respective companies but they also express their wisdom when they tweet on Twitter.   Recognition is well-deserved for these marketing leaders for impacting growth outside their company’s premises.   Many users have discovered that checking out Twitter can be a gold mine for advice and insight. Connect with these […]

This Week’s FaveTweets – Skyrocket Your Sales With Pinterest !

Skyrocket your sales with Pinterest! Like many social media platforms, Pinterest is considered one of the fastest growing social media sites with over 70 million total users and 40 million active monthly users.   It is already the fourth most popular social media site.  One reason its numbers soar so high is because of a recently-proclaimed statement […]

#FaveTweet: Start-Up Quotes From Successful Entrepreneurs

Start-up quotes and tweets from successful entrepreneurs are helpful and can be a good source of daily inspiration…….something every business person needs !   Starting a business is never easy.   Your capital investments will be sleepless nights, will power, dedication and much more – name them and it will be a long list !   Always […]