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Google Reveals The Top 3 SEO Signals for 2016

We may never know the full list of SEO factors in Google’s infamous algorithm. But, for the first time ever, we were given a peak behind the curtain when Google unveiled the top three SEO signals in 2016. On March 23, 2016 Andrey Lipattsev, the Search Quality Senior Strategist at Google, responded to a question […]

3 Ways to Get User Generated Content Marketing to Work for You

User generated content marketing is the riskiest of all marketing strategies because of the obvious potential for negative comments. But if done right, it will pay off more than any other type of content marketing. 1. Give your customers a voice. It’s naturally tempting to try to maintain absolute control over every piece of content that mentions […]

Must-Have Visual Content Marketing Tools to Boost Engagement

Packing your content with visuals has now become an important aspect of digital communication. It is crucial to include this in your content marketing efforts in the form of photos, videos and infographics to attract more engagement from your target audience, as proven in a recent study from CMO Council. If you’re to dead set to […]

3 Growth Hacking Tactics Your Content Marketing Needs

Growth hacking is a fairly straightforward idea. At its most basic, growth hacking means getting creative to find low-cost and inventive substitutes for traditional marketing techniques. This means researching and utilizing unique ways to promote the content you post online, and in extension, your brand. Luckily, growth hacking is a practice made for the online […]

How to Generate More Leads with Data-Driven Content Marketing

It’s time for marketers to rely less on their gut instinct, when it comes to their content marketing strategies, and start relying on real data regarding customer conversations and needs. Here are some insights gleaned from this data-driven approach to content. Let the Customer Dictate your Content Strategy The key point to remember is that […]

Content Marketing Best Practices – How to Create Content on a Tight Budget

The lack of financial resources doesn’t mean you can’t employ content marketing effectively. You don’t have to choose between breaking the bank and neglecting content marketing altogether. You can make prudent, judicious decisions to develop and deploy content in a cost-effective manner. Start with Your Costs A good place to begin is by evaluating how […]

4 Ways Content Marketing Builds Your Business

Here are some of the top advantages your business could gain from an astute content sharing strategy: 1. Thought leadership Consistently sharing knowledge and tips that are of practical value to your target audiences will let you stand out from your competitors, help position you as a specialist and let you become the go-to person […]

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