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Thinking Like an Entrepreneur in Social Media Marketing

Everyone dreams of becoming an entrepreneur.   To have one’s own business is seen as a great feat for an individual in the field of modern day marketing.   Social media marketing is full of entrepreneurs who started with nothing but dreams, talent, and vision.   Today, entrepreneurs run the world’s largest companies to the top of their […]

FaveTweets: It’s All About Giving Value

This week on our FaveTweets edition, we found these helpful ideas and thoughts on giving value to something.   Mutually-beneficial business deals happen when all involved participants make equally important contributions to a deal that improves he condition of all parties. If we are selling a product or service to another, they have something we want […]

Follow Friday: Celebrity Tweets Worth Following

Are celebrity tweets worth following ?    The world is abuzz with celebrity speakers…….and not the infamous kind.   These days, actors and actresses from all over the world are speaking up to the many social and environmental issues that plague humankind.    Bits of wisdom from these well-spoken people can certainly benefit the Twittersphere and its inhabitants […]

FaveTweets: Why You Need to Follow Health-Enthusiast Tweeps

To get ahead in this ever competitive world, where productivity and creativity are the weapons  you need to succeed, you need to follow health-enthusiast tweeps on Twitter !  You must find a good balance between work and life.   Remember we are not all well-oiled working machines.   An unhealthy attitude and approach to one’s work lifestyle […]

Want Your Content to Go Viral ?

Want your content to go viral ?   Who doesn’t ?  A big NO ONE !   We all want it.   We want the spotlight, we want the fame….or the recognition.    Everyone is on this quest…..individuals, businesses and organizations. “Going viral” simply means for one’s internet posting or content to gain in popularity very quickly….best […]

Investing in Social Media is a Necessity

In this modern age,  incorporating social media into a business strategy is no longer a luxury but a necessity.   Why ?    Entrepreneurs need to have a presence in order to connect with their prospective customers.    We are all aware that no matter how busy people are now, they somehow find time to check their […]

This Week’s FollowFriday: Marketing Leaders and What They Tweet

Marketing leaders not only show leadership within their respective companies but they also express their wisdom when they tweet on Twitter.   Recognition is well-deserved for these marketing leaders for impacting growth outside their company’s premises.   Many users have discovered that checking out Twitter can be a gold mine for advice and insight. Connect with these […]