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Follow Friday: Personalities Worth Following

The nice thing about social media is that there are so many people that can speak their minds and express their opinion about so many things.    The not-so-nice thing about social media, on the other hand, is that too many people are speaking their minds too loudly.    Sometimes, what they say is not […]

Content Marketing Is Vital to The Future of Marketing

If anyone tells you that content marketing is dead, then these people are most likely not into marketing at all.    When it comes garnering the attention of your audience, content will always find its way into the minds of your customers.     In any form or manner, content will still be needed to […]

Millennial Market is More Diverse Than We Thought

Marketers are wasting too much of their efforts and money in attempting to reach a large portion of the Millennial market.   This is because they are different than past generations.   The Millennial market is more diverse than we thought. If we are to believe this recent article published in Mashable, then it does raise the […]

Twitter Tuesday: YouTube Influencers Unite !

We all know just how widespread YouTube is in terms of the lives and lifestyles of people.   Practically anyone with a video camera can record their day-to-day activities and upload it. And that is not including the many others who simply search the social media channel for anything that is of interest to them. […]

Wednesday Fave Tweets: Lovable Celebrities

Who are some of your favorite people to follow on Twitter ?    Everyone adores  lovable celebrities, but not every celebrity is lovable.    One trait I believe that makes it easier to follow in some celebrities is how they choose to stay humble. Oftentimes, celebrity status can go to one’s head.    While some of these people […]

#FollowFriday: Social Media and The Literary Giants

With the recent news in the field of writing, the Nobel Prize in Literature, the most coveted award for any writer of any era, has just been awarded last week.   For this week’s Follow Friday, let’s look into some of the contenders of the most culturally relevant literary award.   Social media and the literary […]

Follow Friday: Tweets To Read

For this week’s edition of Follow Friday, we present Tweets To Read and we look into the writers who have made us cry for the big screen’s couples time and time again.   It is no surprise that the movie industry has banked on romantic films but these would never come to be without great writers. […]