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#FollowFriday: 4 Sources of Content Marketing Ideas

Content marketing ideas start the process of creating online digital marketing efforts.  Every content marketer’s goal is to keep their blogs alive with consistent flow of interesting and engaging content topics.   Formulating new content is as difficult as crafting a thousand word article.   That’s why I salute all content producers – they don’t have super […]

Social Media Posting Strategies: Beware of The Dead Zones !

You have all your social media content ready………messages, links, infographics, images and videos.   They’re good to go !   Argh !   You forgot to determine the best times to post them on social media !   And….this oversight causes you to miss out on one of social media’s most important…………its holy grail. Here’s some good news for […]

#Favetweets: Smart Ways to Use Hashtags in your Social Contents

                        Smart Ways to Use Hashtags in Your Social ContentWhat’s with criss-crossed lines that I see everywhere on social media? That’s called a hashtag.   Do you really understand its purpose ?   Why is everyone using it? There are smart ways to use hashtags in your social content. Are you using it intelligently? Just in […]

Content Marketing: Get Quality Links With Your Great Contents!

Great content should be shared.   It should reach your target audience.   A viral post won’t go viral if not shared…….right ?   Earn links naturally by utilizing content marketing.   With great content, it’s like hitting two birds with one stone.   You will score positive points from search engines, as well as gain popularity on social media […]

#FaveTweets: How Important is Great Customer Service ?

Companies must understand the value of a great customer service experience !!    How important is it to treat your customers like they matter to you, more than anything, to the success of your business ?   Below are some enlightening aspects of great customer service. According to Salesforce, unless your company has a stranglehold on […]

#FollowFriday: Recently-Followed Interesting Tweeps

  1. Pauline Cabrera of Twelveskip. Follow her @Twelveskip A digital strategist…….a totally complete package if you’re looking for someone who can build up your online presence.   From graphics designs, to SEO, Social Media and blogging.   Just name them and she will be of help. On her website and other relevant sources, you will […]

Social Marketing #FollowFriday – Influencers to Follow!

Social Marketing #FollowFriday brings you TOP social media influencers to follow! Let’s define first an INFLUENCER. It is an industry professional with a major social media presence who has earned the respect and trust of a great number of online followers. The Benefits of Influencer Marketing by Nichevertsing Benefit 1: Influencer Marketing Does not require […]