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Social Marketing Buzz: Excel Tips for Your Marketing Needs

Microsoft Excel has been the industry standard for over 20 years.   As they say, it’s the world’s premiere spreadsheet application.   Which, is definitely true.   One can’t ignore the important role Excel plays in daily work.   It offers so many incredible features, that this tool alone can perform many tasks. Content marketers, […]

A Crash Course in Social Media Marketing

Social media is a rising trend in the advancement of great technology and cyber societies all over the world.   As such, social media marketing has become the real thing as entrepreneurs in both big and small businesses pool resources for a go at one of the biggest trends mankind has ever seen.    However, not all […]

Feed140 Twitter Persona Case Study1 Session 1

We’ve been looking for ways to more easily share some of the techniques and strategies we use for marketing on Twitter with Feed140 and other tools. Today, we are trying a new format that we’re excited about. It’s kind of like a ‘reality show’ where you can look over our shoulder as we build, from […]

No carpet flying involved, but check out this Genie training…

If you haven’t looked into the Genie Training (currently live but in “beta” at the time of this article)… it’s a very valuable offering for anyone with any sort of internet business. Especially those with information product businesses. No, there aren’t any carpet-flying lessons and a lamp is not required. Genie Training sets out to […]