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Helpful Tweets: Improving Security on the Internet - feed140.com

Helpful Tweets: Improving Security on the Internet

The internet is presently in the big boom stage.   It has now been around for over 30+ years in one form or another.    We know that it can take us to far away places.   As individuals, sometimes we’re just not too sure  how far we want to go.     We have all heard news accounts how hackers have ‘stolen personal financial information’ through the websites of major retailers, so we would all like to see experts  improving security on the internet.

Considering the amount of information exchanged on it, we cannot fully understand how much power it has over our lives.    As secure as it currently is there is still a certain degree of risk.    We can never tell if someone with ulterior motives will attempt want to steal important financial or password-related information from us.     It has happened before and it can happen again, to anyone.     It’s not a matter of if…..but when.     For those who have been victimized, the damage can vary from swiped digital pictures to bank information worth hundreds, thousands, or even millions.    We owe it to ourselves to protect our online security.


Now, let us hear from the experts about it:


One of the leading causes of identity theft and internet fraud can be blamed on the unintentional downloading of malicious files     These are files that allow hackers to steal valuable information as well as causing a loss of data in your computer.    No, you will not willingly download such files, but are you 100% sure that the files you receive are safe ?    We have to make sure every file that is downloaded is from a trusted source and that it is scanned properly beforehand.    This is a necessary aspect of internet security.


Encryption is an important part of any business.    In this way, any sensitive information that is stored on company computer hard drives are not readily accessible to others on the internet.      After all, no one wants to allow their secrets out and spreading through the web like wildfire.       Can you  imagine the impact on those it affects ?     With Cisco, Akamai, Mozilla, IdenTrust, and researchers from the University of Michigan, working together to make encryption a reality, one can expect some changes in the way we approach the web in the near future.


With Google controlling a major part of our internet use, it is expected that they would be working on how to improve its security.     Google has released Firing Range, which is an open-source tool that can be used to test security scanners.     It is certainly good news for people and developers in need of better scanners for web applications.

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